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2017 November 10

“Around the World 2017” – united and merrily

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Summer festival organized by “Klaipėdos baldai” invited employees to travel “Around the World 2017”, so 15 teams from different shifts and departments at the Company embodied representatives of different countries.

All teams took their homework very seriously and this became evident when they gathered at Rural Tourism Homestead “Grižbė”. They got to put their skills to the test both during serious events as well as the “wacky” ones. There surely was a wide range of events, including: basketball for men, dodgeball for women, tug of war, where women demonstrated their strength, “carp catching”, which actually turned into a wet T-shirt competition, archery, mega-checkers, football while wearing huge inflatable balls.

As for the evening, the furniture makers were as good on the dance floor as the famous dance group from Klaipėda “Žuvėdra”. The only difference was that there was much more furniture makers and they could dance much longer...